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Millbrook Extended Day-Supply Program

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If you’re taking maintenance medications, then you’re probably aware of the high-cost involved. However, there is a way for you to save while still being able to comply with your medication therapy plan.

Come on down to Millbrook Pharmacy and ask our pharmacist about enrolling in the extended day-supply program. This plan is a great way to save money, especially if you’re on a long-term medication therapy plan. This is a great option for non-insured/ cash-paying and frequent traveling patients. The more you buy, the more you save. Having a year’s worth of medication saves you time and money while ensuring you have enough medication to last you for vacations.

We offer:







Prices stated above are per medication

ALENDRONATE generic Fosamax

AMLODIPINE generic Norvasc

ATENOLOL generic Tenormin

BENAZEPRIL generic Lotensin

BUMETANIDE generic Bumex

BUSPIRONE generic Buspar

CAPTOPRIL generic Capoten

CARVEDILOL generic Coreg

CITALOPRAM generic Celexa

CLONIDINE generic Catapres

CLOPIDOGREL generic Plavix

DICYCLOMINE generic Bentyl

ESCITALOPRAM generic Lexapro

ESTRADIOL generic Estrace

FINASTERIDE 5 mg generic Propecia

FLUOXETINE 20 mg generic Prozac

FOLIC ACID generic Folate

FUROSEMIDE generic Lasix

GABAPENTIN 300 mg* generic Neurontin

HCTZ generic Esidrix

IBUPROFEN generic Motrin

LAMOTRIGINE generic Lamictal

LISINOPRIL generic Zestril

LISINOPRIL/HCTZ generic Zestoretic

LOSARTAN generic Cozaar

LOSARTAN/HCTZ generic Hyzaar

MELOXICAM generic Mobic

METFORMIN generic Glucophage

METFORMIN ER** generic Glucophage XR


MONTELUKAST generic Singulair

NAPROXEN generic Naprosyn

OMEPRAZOLE 20 mg* generic Prilosec

PANTOPRAZOLE* generic Protonix

PREDNISONE generic Deltasone

RANITIDINE generic Zantac

SERTRALINE** generic Zoloft

SIMVASTATIN generic Zocor

TAMSULOSIN generic Flomax

TERAZOSIN generic Hytrin

TOPIRAMATE** generic Topamax

TRIAMTER/HCTZ generic Maxzide

WARFARIN generic Coumadin

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* max of 1 per day | ** max of 2 per day | List may be changed at anytime without notice. Some strengths may not be eligible, please consult with the pharmacist. Based upon “typical” daily dosage, some daily regimens may not be eligible. This is NOT insurance nor do we run any claims through insurance